where a tsundere is fine too…

Melancholic…I’ll miss Aria

I’m just a little happy…*sobs* (tears of joy)

Sigh….I feel so melancholic after I finished Aria. I’m gonna miss it. Its just simply wonderful. It definitely left a impact on me. I even cried after the last episode and until now, I can’t get it off my mind. The characters are so lovable and you can relate to them. It has a magnificent characterization which is very rare in an anime series. This anime has tons of memorable quotes and those quotes are so disarming. I’m making a review now and maybe I’ll be able to post it after new year.

NO, thank you Aria for making me appreciate little things in life and bringing warmth again to my apathetic heart. Gosh…since I watched this series I’ve been saying really embarrassing remarks. If Aika were here she’ll definitely say “Hazukashii serifu kinshi!” (Embarrassing remarks are not allowed) *giggle*. I’m gonna miss Alicia’s “ara ara *giggle*”. I hope Aria will be aired in my country.

until then..



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