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Toradora 20-21

Toradora – 20

Toradora never ceases to impresses me because every episode I’m really surprised at the development that is happening and because of that, I like this episode specially the series (I think I just said it in my previous post). Despite that this is a love-com anime; it really amazes me that the love story is quite realistic. It doesn’t jump from one story to another, it’s like everything is connected and the development of the characters doesn’t go to waste for they didn’t waste any time in resetting the relationship of the characters. An example of that is in this episode because Taiga already knows that Minori rejected Ryuuji and it is clearly seen that everything has become quite awkward between the characters and still their relationship continues together despite the changes. I also notice that this series doesn’t resort to fan service and yet it’s a love-com, can you believe that?

In this episode Taiga’s character matures from being dependent to Ryuuji to being independent. It’s nice to see her like that but it pains me to see her support Ryuuji and Minori because base from the previous episode, it can be seen that Taiga likes Ryuuji. Minori’s genki personality has emerged again and that’s a good thing ‘cause I prefer her cheerful character than the depressing one that we saw in past few episode. Ami on the other hand, spends the rest of the episode in a pissed mode and as usual, Ryuuji didn’t understand what she meant when she said when they were talking inside Sudohbucks.

Toradora – 21

This week’s episode of Toradora has once again blown me away. Omg, Toradora just keeps getting better and better. We have a lot of angst in this episode and now, I’m starting to think that this series is not just love-com it’s also action LOL. I never thought that I would see Minori and Ami have a cat fight.

Ami just can’t take the attitude of Minori and began taunting her. Now, I doubt that Ami would end up with Ryuuji and I’m kind of disappointed that we don’t get more Ami development since there is only 4 episodes left. Sigh, more Ami please. I think what Ami said (that she hated Minori for her refusal to admit or even show her true emotion) to Minori was true. Ami’s dialogue through out the series is so magnificent that I’ve got to praise the script writer.

I never thought that Taiga would confess her feelings to Ryuuji at the end and because of that I left my mouth wide open until the ED song was finished. Wow, with this things will move forward and I really hope that J.C. Staff will give us a satisfying and epic closure to the series.

I really like the way the episode ended, when the credits and ending songs are being played but the episode has been extended for a few minutes. It makes the TaigaxRyuuji pairing special and of course the this episode is also special.

Btw, I missed Ryuuji’s reaction when it comes to cleaning and also Taiga getting dragged inside a closet with 4 guys is so funny….

Wowowowowow…..woooooo!!! Four more episodes left…

I’m loving Toradora…

Until then..



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