where a tsundere is fine too…

K-ON! – 07& 08

K-ON! – 07

It’s nice to see the sisterly love between Yui and Ui but I do hope that there would be more music in this episode. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the episode because of the characters wackiness but of course my favourite would still be Mio in terms of moéness but if it’s in terms of wackiness, I like Sawa-chan. Nothing much happened in this episode they just spend the time buying presents and having the Christmas party. Btw, Mio sure looks good in her kimono, I hope I could see her wearing that more.

K-ON! – 08

Yeah!! A lot happened in this episode and I like the part when Mio saved the song while they are performing. I happen to like their performance in this episode unlike what they did in their previous performance. Though there are some close shots of the instrument playing but most of the time it was just focused on the characters singing. I really prefer Mio singgin as the vocalist because I find Yui’s voice too moé and its kinda disturbing.

I also like the part when they are recruiting members because of the maid costume, they all look so adorable (specially Mio). The part when Sawa-chan forced them to wear the hideous animal costume was hilarious (people won’t come near them wearing those scary costumes). Azusa has been introduced and I find her quietness cute. I wonder what instrument would she be playing? The shot at the end of the episode when Ritsu jumped over Azusa, well, she(Azusa) kinda looks like Kyonko so I wonder if she’s a tsundere or a silent type. I think we’ll find out soon enough…

Until then…



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