where a tsundere is fine too…

K-ON! – 09

I found this week’s episode very touching even though it’s not as hilarious as the last few episodes. In this episode, Azusa was wondering why she was touched and amazed by the performance of the light and music club even though the member’s loves to laze around instead of practising and they often make mistakes while playing. I kinda relate to that in real life because when you like what you’re doing and you persevere, the outcome is usually satisfying unlike when you do something half heartedly it always result to disappointment and even mediocrity. I really like anime shows that teach us some lessons that we often forgot we needed in this life so yeah, I’m starting to love K-ON!. I won’t forget you’re words Mio, “Enjoy what you do” (we’ll that’s not the exact words but that’ll do).

Azusa has graced us again with her presences but I still prefer Mio. She’s cute all right but I prefer the shy expressions of Mio than with Azusa because she’s already overly cute. I noticed also that in the OP of this week’s episode, she is already playing with the band so I want to see her play with the band already. Azusa is also the center of the abuses in this episode and I’m glad because Mio finally had a break of being the center of attraction. Well, I think it’s a good decision because I find the Mio teasing is getting overly excessive.

until then…



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