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K-ON! – 10

Like I said from my previous blog that Azusa was included in the OP so I decided to post some screencaps of it. I was lazy last week so I wasn’t able to post it with the previous blog gomen…

Btw just click the screencaps so that you can view their full sizes…

This is really a very hilarious episode and also Azusa began to appreciate her time with the rest of the club members. She also began to familiarize with the other members and she began to appreciate them more. I noticed that the animation in this episode was really good and I like the different facial expressions of the characters specially Mio’s facial expression. I’m also liking Asuza’s character more and more but my number one would always be Mio.

I think the series would end with a performance during the school festival because next week’s episode is about Yui’s guitar getting repaired and Asuza mentioned that if they won’t get the guitar in time they might not be able to perform in the upcoming school festival. Well that’s fine with me as long as they would be able to end the series with a bang but honestly, I think I’ll miss this show when it ends.
until then…

One response

  1. I’m not sure K-ON had any real problem with the animation. It’s K-ON animation, it’s not perfect, that’s obvious enough, but it’s good. Overall, after ep 9, ep 10 is back on track, thankfully.

    BTW, are we only getting 13 eps? >_<

    June 5, 2009 at 8:44 pm

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