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Hatsukoi Limited – Final Impression

“Are you in love right now?”
Final Impression:
J.C. Staff has once again been successful in producing a romance comedy anime but of course there were some flaws but still, its a good series. There were a lot of characters but not all of them have enough screen time specially Misaki and I’m not happy about that since she’s my favorite character in the series. The ending have given closure to some of the character’s stories but Misaki’s story, it felt that it was cut short. I haven’t read the manga but I’ll try reading it since some people say that Misaki’s story in the manga is more developed than in the anime. At first I like the story of Enomoto and Kusuda but I think they overdid it. There were times that I think they should just say what they really feel. Their story ate most of the episode of the series instead of giving some airtime with Misaki *sigh*. What I like about this series is they have pointed out that when you love someone it doesn’t mean that he/she could love you back because he/she likes someone else. Sigh, it’s like saying that only few people (like Enomoto and Kusuda) could have their happy endings but still, one should not give up (like Ayumi).

The animation was above average for a love-com anime and its fine since series like this should show off in their plot than in the animation. The character design was stunning, I just love the appearance of the characters. Misaki and Enomoto were hot and sexy, Ayumi, Koyoi and Chikura are cute. Dobashi on the other hand is cool. I wish I could draw characters like that. The music is the highest point of the series since it was one of the things that was able to evoke my emotions.

Overall it was a well produced romance comedy and I could recommend it to people who love series like this. I’ll leave you guys a quote from the series…

“We’re in love…Of course, it doesn’t go smoothly. We might make mistakes. But we’ll definitely treasure our first feelings of love. These feelings will one-by-one lead us towards our futures.” -Ayumi

Overall Rating : 8/10

2 responses

  1. Blacksun88

    i am very impressed by the story telling of kawashita mizuki (after watching both anime and manga) and hope for more works from her! this is how school romance anime should done but i guess it is hard to find a similar one around nowadays? =.=

    July 5, 2010 at 1:23 am

    • chidori3souske

      try other J.C. Staff shows they make good romance/comedy anime ^_^

      July 6, 2010 at 1:58 am

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