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Suzumiya Haruhi S2 – 13 & 14 [FINAL] (is that it?)

Suzumiya Haruhi S2 – 13

Suzumiya Haruhi S2 – 14

Episode – 13

Well, it was really entertaining to watch Mikuru endure the the abusing attitude of Haruhi but enough is enough. I’m really irritated with her attitude and I would really love if Kyon would have really hit her. It’s interesting to see how will this affect their world, if Kyon would hit Haruhi, would the world end or would she ‘delete’ the SOS brigade?

Enough with irritating stuff, Yuki was so interesting in this episode. She tackled Mikuru and then my Yuri alarm went crazy because of the scene where Yuki was over Asahina, damn it Kyon you should have recorded that. Like what Taniguchi said, Kyon and Haruhi had a lover’s quarrel and when they were about to kiss and make up, we saw a scene that Haruhi was holding her hair up and gave Kyon a cold shoulder. Then Kyon said, “Hey Haruhi, let’s make this movie a success!) then she regained her spirits. I have to again agree with Kyon, Haruhi is really simple minded but it was really cute.

Wow, this is the best episode of season two.

Episode 14

It was interesting to see how they’ve got Shamisen and the scene when Shamisen was talking and trying to stay on Yuki’s shoulder is really cute. LOL, you really can’t get tired of watching Yuki, she dodge those pressurized water and bit Mikuru, again. It was also interesting that this episode pointed out that Kyon should not trust any of the factions. Honestly when I’ve read that in the novel, I’ve began to distrust Mikuru and Koizumi even though Koizumi really looks suspicious even in the first season. I really think that it was clever for Kyon to suggest the disclaimer at the end of the movie.

Btw, this is my 2nd favorite episode since episode 13 is much better.

Oh well, so that’s it for the 2nd season and it really seems that that the announced Disappearance arc had really disappeared. I’ve learned my lesson, I won’t trust any announcement from Kadokawa and I don’t know if I would be excited if ever there would be a 3rd season. I’m contented with reading the novel.

I hope KyoAni’s next project would be the 4th season of Full Metal Panic.

Final Impression: The last two episodes of this season two was the one that was able to salvage this series. Though I’m not a fan of The Sighs arc when I’ve read the novel, I was able to enjoy it mainly because of Yuki (well, you can’t get tired of watching Yuki tackle Mikuru) and the way that the writers cleverly written the last two episodes.

I don’t really think that I could consider this as a season 2 because it’s more like a side story. Actually the sighs arc and the bamboo leaf rhapsody episode is tolerable but what pisses me is the Endless Eight arc. What the heck? They’ve wasted 8 episode for a side story that is only around 40 pages.

In this season, it is guaranteed that you’ll hate Haruhi. She really has a bitchy attitude here and she doesn’t care about what other people feel. Honestly, I like Haruhi during the first season because she is one extraordinary girl who doesn’t like mediocrity. I really agree that the Sighs arc is not enjoyable than the other volumes in the novel but I think it’ll pays off eventually since all of the novels are connected.

There’s really a curse on sequels isn’t it. I’ve just read Catching Fire(which is a sequel of Hunger Games) and all I could say is the first book was way better just like the second Lord of the Rings novel. All I’m trying to say is there is a necessary development so that the next installment would be much better than the first and the second. If you’ve read the novel you’ll understand what I’m saying. Yuki won’t act that way on the Disappearance if the Sighs and even endless eight didn’t occur. I don’t know, I think I’m quite impressed with KyoAni’s actions becasue they had a guts to animate the Sighs arc even though the rage caused by Endless End would intensify more. I thought (and hoped) that they would immediately proceed to the Disappearance arc but…oh well maybe they are stupid.

Overall this is a very decent slice-of-life show with a twist of sci-fi. I doubt that this will be the last of this series but I expect more trolling from Kadokawa and Kyo-Ani. Good thing that the last two episodes was quite impressive or else I’ll rate this 6/10.

So my rating would be…. 7/10 (Good)

until then…



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