where a tsundere is fine too…

Summer here I come!!!

Well, its summer already in our country so it means vacation!!! I know I keep on popping out and disappearing unnoticed and I’m sorry for that it’s because I’m really busy with school work. Thank goodness I was able to post my winter preview but as for the spring preview I’ll try posting it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Even though it’s already vacation, I’m sad to say that I won’t be following any shows this season because I plan to finish watching shows that I’ve put on-hold. I will try to post mini review on those shows I’m trying to finish so that at least I could still put something on my site and also for the sake of my readers (if there’s any) who wants to know my opinion on some anime shows I’ve been following.

Oh gosh I missed blogging but I think next semester when my classes starts my schedule would become more toxic than before so expect me to disappear again when that time comes. Sigh, when God showered blessings on earth why didn’t I get a talent of managing my time. If only I could manage my time well I could blog and study at the same time. Anyway please bear with me. 😀
until then…

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