where a tsundere is fine too…

Kaicho wa Maid-sama! – 01

OP: My Secret by Mizuno Saaya

The OP was fine and it suits the theme of the show and gives it a very shoujo feel to it. I really like the animation that accompanied that songs because it seems that it indicates what we would expect in this show.


I know I said I won’t be blogging but I can’t help it I really like the first episode of this series hahaha!!!!

That was a really good pilot episode I really enjoyed it. I like the shoujo feel of this series and I really like Misaki, oh crap I’m really a sucker with tsudere characters. The maid costume really suits Misaki and it shows her cute and vulnerable side. Usui on the other hand looks and acts sexy and he doesn’t even know that he liked Misaki. Those are really good elements that indicate that this would be one of the shows that I will really enjoy. I noticed that this kinda reminds me of the combination of Special A and Skip Beat. The animation and character design reminds me of Skip Beat and Usui and Misaki pairing and their competition with grades reminds me of Special A but I think this series will eventually follow a different path than those two series I metioned.

ED: Yokan by Heidi

The ED song on the other hand was also fine but I think it will grow on me eventually. The animation that accompanied the ED is full of Usui hotness and also I like the pictures of Misaki in the ED specially the picture with her hair tied up, she’s so adorable.

Oh I will surely follow this one every week even though I still have to finish watching my on hold show.

Until then,



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