where a tsundere is fine too…

Kaicho wa Maid-sama! – 04

Forgive me if I’m a bit incoherent…..I’m not really in the mood to write something or even to anything beside watch but I did my best ;D


If I were one of the girls who saw Usui cooking I would probably have the same faces the girls had that time but with more drool from my mouth hahaha!!! Usui Takumi sure looks hot while cooking specially when he broke that egg…..prieceless. Aoi Hyoudo came to the shop and as expected with the guys there they fell head over heels to her but what they didn’t know is that he’s a trap. Why are traps usually more attractive than female protagonist in the story but I still prefer Misaki-chan over him. I really enjoyed the part when Aoi tries to get the attention of Usui but he always get ignored. Specially the part when Usui made a scene then Misaki saw it and I think she became jealous and punched Usui,as expected of our Misaki-chan whatever reaction she gives us is awesome. The reason why Usui keeps ignoring him is because he already know that Aoi was a guy. As for Misa-chan I think she realized that Aoi is a guy when she lifted him up like a kid. I’m really surprised that Misaki’s interaction with Aoi is quite different unlike when she’s with the guys from her school. She’s more open to Aoi even though she knows he’s guy, maybe because Aoi is younger than her. Thanks to Aoi we were able to see the soft side of our tsundere heroine. Seeing Misaki getting caught up because of those sale notebooks, croquettes and free tissue is very refreshing because if my memory is correct those scenes are not in the manga.

I really agree to what Misaki said, “Being yourself is the most important thing” because if your not yourself then who the hell are you. If you like something and other people are harassing you because of it ignore them because who the hell are they to decide what you would like. Go Aoi!! Even though your parents are against your hobby pursue your dream.

Sure Misaki isn’t acting as a girl but she’s still a girl and Usui will point that out in the next episode (I hope I’m not mistaken) but Misaki will surpass Usui expectations and he’ll be entertained again with Misaki’s action. Oooppss spoilers haha!!

Until then…



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