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First Impressions: Highschool Of The Dead – 01 and Ookami-san – 01

Highschool of the Dead – 01

Madhouse has done it again. The animation is just awesome probably one of the best animation this year. Holy crap the blood splatters are just heavenly, a really nice effect. Though Madhouse stayed true to its medium, they played with 3D CGI buildings and surprisingly it works well with the 2D ones to create one hell of a atmospheric effect. Cinematography is just hands down to Madhouse. Even the random zombies on the background are moving or rocking about, such detail. Well, this is a horror show so there’s some ecchi moments. We were given an overload shots of Rei’s pantsu but I hope they should lessen that in the future episodes ’cause it bothers me but if it’s Saeko…..hehehe I’m in XD. I read the manga version of this so I noticed that they censored some of the gore and even the teacher that committed suicide and I don’t know what with them since it seems that gore is a no, no while the ecchi is fine.

A really promising anime but I hope Madhouse won’t ruin the ending of this series. Since the manga is still on-going and it’s only going to be 13 episodes, Madhouse would have to make up a really convincing ending or they would have to make a season 2 (I hope so…) or else this series’ potential will all go to waste.

Ookami-san – 01

It was a fun episode to watch mainly because of Ryouko’s tsundere attitude and Ryoushi’s idiotic phobia of being stared at. Though it’s not a laugh till you drop comedy that I was expecting, this is still enjoyable. It is one twisted fairytale like episode where the prince in Cinderella went on looking for her princess by letting girls try out the sneakers and kick him for confirmation. The main selling point of this pilot episode is probably the developing romance between Ryouko and Ryoushi but I don’t want to spoil you guys so much so I’ll just say that they are one interesting couple and I do think that Ryoushi is good looking if he would just fix that bangs. Mattaku, it’s really entertaining to watch the romantic development of a tsundere character. Oh btw Arai Satomi’s narration in this episode reminds me of Kuroko’s antics in To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, always reacting to the fan service scene that fails to provide one since the characters are flat-chested. The animation was really good specially the fight scenes of Ryouko, I’m really surprised since it’s very rare to see a well animated action scene in a romance comedy I just hope that the quality won’t drop in the future episodes.

Looks promising and since I like shows like this I will surely see this to the end. I’m really looking forward to the development of Ryouko’s relationship and more twisted tales that this series could come up.

Next first impression would be Kuroshitsuji 2 & Occult Academy. Sorry if this was posted late real life activities are a hassle -_-” I finished writing this last 2x week but I just can’t find the time to post it. Anyway I hope this helps ^_^

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  1. High School of the Dead reminds me of the super great comic series and my favorite The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman (yeah he rocks).

    IF you want to experience a more gruesome flesh-eating creatures and characters that can die every issue then get his comics now.

    August 20, 2010 at 12:15 pm

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