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First Impression: Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

This is probably what I look like whenever I see Kirino XD

Lelouch is that you?!

I swear I heard Ruri say “Hand Sonic” coupled with the same sound effects. Also I never thought I’ll hear Hanazawa Kana say ‘bitch’ to someone.
Irony by ClariS
This is is really catchy, probably the best OP song of the season coupled with Kirino goodness EPIC XD



Oh my God….I think this my personal favourite of the season. The voice acting is simply AMAZING, character interaction is really BELIEVABLE, I don’t know about you guys but I can somehow sympathize with Kirino (oh you’ll understand where I’m getting at if you watched episode 3), Character design & animation is simply SUPERB, the jokes are RIDICULOUSLY FUNNY, the soundtrack is really APPEALING and it is EMOTIONALLY SATISFYING. Oh my, I couldn’t ask for more….so far so goodXD

The story of this series has a LOT of potential. It carries out a theme of “Being true to yourself despite what others thing about you” and heck, even now I get carried away by such themes and couple it with believable characters, simply awesome. The story definitely pushed different good buttons on me and of course let’s not forget the characters. For one, I like their character design (specially the girls, they keep on pushing the moe~ button on me) the lines are crisp and I really like the bright colours they used. Second, this is one of the shows that showcases realistic characters. I think not all brothers out there are really close to their sisters or even fall head over heels to their sisters so unlike shows that features those kind of characters (yes Yosuga no Sora I’m looking at you), the characters of Kirino and Kyouske are a close example of your usual siblings. Now, the story revolves not only to Kirino but also to their brother-sister relationship which satisfyingly are being developed but I really want to watch more of that so I’m looking forward to the future episodes. Oh I almost forgot that this show also features a really believable parents unlike those who have weird fetishes, Daisuke(dad) and Yoshino(mom) is like any other parents out there who are very protective of their kids specially Kirino.

The OP song I think, is the best OP song of the season. Oh and when Kirino flips that hair of hair of hers at the PV moeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ ~ to the highest level so yeah not only is the song very damn catchy, it also features Kirino is super moe mode that I am willing to repeat it over and over again. Surprisingly, there is no proper ED yet in this show but I think the ED that have been featured in episode 2 & 3 really suits the mode of the series and thus, ending the show in a high note.

Oh my, I really love this series. Like I said in my Fall Preview, I’m getting tired of moe shows but this show has changed my mind what a wonderful job by AIC. I really want to watch the next episode so that I can uncover the development of Kirino and Kyouske’s characters.

Gosh, Kirino rivals Misaki as the tsundere of the year….sori Misa-chan, Kirino is a tsundere and to boot that up she’s a loli and imouto XD

When, I watched episode 3…I wished I had a brother just like Kyouske XD

Next episode please!!!

Until then…



The ED song in EP 2
It’s definitely by Ayana Taketatsu but I don’t know the title XD anyway it ends the episode in a high note

The most memorable scene in the series so far…
I love how AIC played the OP song as a ending, making the feel of this episode really special
*edit: yep there’s suppose to be vids there on those spaces but youtube deleted so if you want to watch the vids go here

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