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First Impression: Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

“Last Vision for Last” by Faylan
The OP was really engaging and somehow the song is growing on me I now find it quiet catchy. It gives the series a feel of a very action packed feudal Japan.

Actually, I really intend to drop this show since I know this will be an ecchi one specially coming from the creators of Queens Blade but I’m glad I’ve given this series a try and so far I’m not yet disappointed.

All we know so far is that, Yagyuu Jubei is a “master samurai who has a power level of 5 Million and someone who fell from the sky and apparently, her “general” is Yagyuu Muneakira whose movement becomes restricted whenever the scary Jubei surfaces. Sanada on the other hand revealed that she saw images of a dark shadow cast upon great Japan and to the center of it all is Yagyuu Jubei. This was actually set in the 21st century but the difference is that Tokugawa Shogunate is still in power instead of the Imperial rule being restored. The descendant of famous samurais and historical figures during the Tokugawa era are present here in their gorgeous female depiction. I have to admit I’m really attracted to the unique premise of the story coupled with very quirky and attractive characters, of course I’m in!

This series is really attractive in many ways. There’s the very unique setting of the story and even if it is ridiculous that katanas were able to pulverize those modern weaponry in episode one but heck I have to admit that I enjoyed seeing that fight since I’m such a sucker for samurai sword fights. Let’s not forget the character design of this series well, since this is being targeted to the male audience with it’s ecchiness and all, the design of the girls are really superb and attractive it made me wish I could design and draw something like that. I also have to commend the designs of the weapons, since the weapons assigned to a certain character really reflects their character and also their costumes are designed with such detail (too bad they get shredded during a fight). It’s a very good material for a cosplay, it would really be interesting to see someone cosplaying that specially to the one who will cosplay Matabe lolz :)) . But what really captivated me is the unique animation style that this series used. It’s like I’m watching a Japanese painting come to life with it’s heavy outlining of the characters while the background has a powdery texture to it giving a very feudal yet modern feel to the series. I also like how they employ the ink blots to censor things it’s actually very creative of them that someone like me who likes dropping this kind of show was able to tolerate the fanservice. I think that people who are not used to this kind of animation style would get turned off but I hope they should try watching a few episodes. Oh I almost forgot that this series also boast an all star cast of seiyuus, the likes of Yuuki Aoi, Hirakawa Daisuke, Koshimizu Ami, Kobayashi Yuu, Gotou Saori, Toyosaki Aki, Kugimiya Rie and Kotobuki Minako from Code Geass, K-ON, School Days, Mai Otome and Maria Holic fame. So of course, in terms of voice acting you can count on these guys.

Overall, this series has a lot of potential but the only thing that might pull it down is it’s excess fanservice that I hope the inkblots would be capable in blotting completely. So far I really like how they unravel the mystery that surrounds Juubei but I hope the series would be a lot bigger than that. So yes, this is on the list of my ever growing “On Watch” list.

Until then…


“Koi ni Sesse Tooryanse (恋にせっせ通りゃんせ)” by Aoi Yuuki, Minako Kotobuki & Rie Kugimiya
My first reaction to the ED was…*nose bleed* lol…who wouldn’t specially when the naked girls in the ED are very gorgeous. As for the song its cute but it’s nothing special


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