where a tsundere is fine too…

Ore no Imouto – 04 Quick Post

Irony by ClariS
Now we get a slightly edited OP sequence. This show really has a lot of budget…

Well yes, it’s really scary to think that the people you meet online usually has a different personality when you meet them in person… 

To go to such lengths just for your sis, too bad she’s very ungrateful to you 😦

Lol. Nice one Kyouske! That’s your reward for saving Kirino’s butt all the time XD

Why do I get the feeling that Ayase has the hots for Kyouske? Anyway now, I prefer Ayase as Kyouske’s sister but there’s no fun in that so I’ll stick with Kirino :))

Hey now Kirino, be grateful that your brother saved you

Ouch, that gotta hurt..
Kyouske really needs to learn how to dodge

I totally agree XD

Wah!? Kuroneko winning in a loli fighting game? I thought she doesn’t like those games?

Usually dishonest girls are paired up with someone with opposite personality…never thought it’s much entertaining to watch two dishonest girls together

:)) Yep I also laughed at the sidelines

What is Ayase doing in Comiket? *Gasp* Don’t tell me she’s also an otaku


Shiroi Kokoro (白いココロ) by Saori Hayami
I actually like this song than the ED that I posted a while ago. It gives a feeling of fantasy that seems out of place in this series. Nice singing voice by Saori Hayami *thumbs up* 

Behold, the perfect Imouto. Isn’t she adorable XD she’s a lot kinder to boot..

until then..


*The videos will not show up in my wordpress account so if you want to watch it then click here or here. I’m tired of youtube deleting my vids so this this will have to do for now.



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