where a tsundere is fine too…

Ore no Imouto – 04 Quick Post

Irony by ClariS
Now we get a slightly edited OP sequence. This show really has a lot of budget…

Well yes, it’s really scary to think that the people you meet online usually has a different personality when you meet them in person… 

To go to such lengths just for your sis, too bad she’s very ungrateful to you šŸ˜¦

Lol. Nice one Kyouske! That’s your reward for saving Kirino’s butt all the time šŸ˜„

Why do I get the feeling that Ayase has the hots for Kyouske? Anyway now, I prefer Ayase as Kyouske’s sister but there’s no fun in that so I’ll stick with Kirino :))

Hey now Kirino, be grateful that your brother saved you

Ouch, that gotta hurt..
Kyouske really needs to learn how to dodge

I totally agree šŸ˜„

Wah!? Kuroneko winning in a loli fighting game? I thought she doesn’t like those games?

Usually dishonest girls are paired up with someone with opposite personality…never thought it’s much entertaining to watch two dishonest girls together

:)) Yep I also laughed at the sidelines

What is Ayase doing in Comiket? *Gasp* Don’t tell me she’s also an otaku


Shiroi Kokoro (ē™½ć„ć‚³ć‚³ćƒ­) by Saori Hayami
I actually like this song than the ED that I posted a while ago. It gives a feeling of fantasy that seems out of place in this series. Nice singing voice by Saori Hayami *thumbs up* 

Behold, the perfect Imouto. Isn’t she adorable šŸ˜„ she’s a lot kinder to boot..

until then..


*The videos will not show up in my wordpress account so if you want to watch it then click here or here. Iā€™m tired of youtube deleting my vids so this this will have to do for now.



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