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Ore no Imouto – 06 Quick Post

Irony by Claris
Hooorah!! For the Tamura’s are here in full force NicoNico Douga Style

I’m really glad that this episode gave us a hint that Kyouske has feelings for Minami and somehow turned away from the incest path

I really enjoyed grandpa and grandma in this episode. In most of their screen time I always ended up laughing it’s probably because their attitude and antics are quiet young for their age.

That’s one scary grandma

I never really thought that Minami can be that cute and it’s nice to see Kyouske getting flustered.

Oh, so this is the playful side of Minami tsk3x she’s getting naughty. I want to see more XD

Kirino didn’t really have enough screen time but this will do =3

Haha! I like how grandpa is so persistent in forcing Kyouske and Minami to sleep in the same room. That’s one rare grandpa XD

I’ve given it some thought, sure it’s actually nice to see Minami and Kyouske going out since they really fit each other but in that situation, things won’t be interesting so I still want to see more Kirino and even Minami battle it out to win Kyouske’s heart even if the other path would eventually lead to incest but I just hope it won’t go too far so that I could tolerate it.

It’s really interesting to see Kirino getting pissed and sad that she has no one to talk to since Kyouske was away. She really missed Kyouske that’s why she’s in full ‘dere’ mode when he’s not around

MAEGAMI (マエガミ☆) by Satomi Satou

until then…


*The videos will not show up in my wordpress account so if you want to watch it then click here or here. I’m tired of youtube deleting my vids so this this will have to do for now.


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