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Kimi ni Todoke–10 Quick Post

Now that’s what I call attractive but scary haha!! 😄

Of all the time to have an earthquake and its in this very crucial and memorable moment. Ah the power of anime!! (Ugh that announcement really killed the moment wtf)

Oh hell yeah!! Finally they could say their feelings out loud! Kyaaaa!! I’m so proud of you *cries*

Well this part was so hilarious. I think I’ll also react like that if I were one of the judges. 😄

Wooooot!! At last! I’ve been waiting for this to happen and I think the 1 season and 9 episode wait was worth it 😄

Now I feel bad for Kento Sad smile Like he said in the previous episode, he fell in love but it was too late….Awww ;_;

And the ending played as this scene fades out to make things more memorable…..
Honestly, I thought they were going to kiss and that would be unexpected since in this part of the manga they didn’t kiss yet. Sheeez Production I.G. sure knows how to tease the viewers..

Oh, btw the live action movie of Kimi ni Todoke is out and currently I’m still downloading it (Sigh 6.7GB O__o) so if your interested go watch it now. Maybe I’ll compare the anime to its live action counterpart when I’ve watched it.

until then…



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