where a tsundere is fine too…

Steins;Gate–02 Quick Post

An episode of “EHHHHHH!” moments…

EHHHHHH!! Kurisu is alive?!


I really can’t believe that this girl *ahem* guy is a TRAP! And here I thought Mariya Shidou would own this season as the hottest Trap…but instead she got a rival this season…

EHHHH!! What’s the deal with this girl?

EHHHH! Mayuri cosplays? awawawa…she’s so adorable specially that Kana Hanazawa voiced her XD


EHHHHH!! Its not a damn teleporter but a a time machine!
EHHHHH! And the episode ended with another cliffhanger with Makise Kurisu.

Wow this series is getting more interesting with the introductions of new characters, intro of John Titor, the explanation of the parallel worlds theory and let’s not forget the transporter/microwave that re-attached the gel banana. Hmmm I like how this series made me think like how the world changed when Okabe sent that text message last episode and how it relates with the parallel world theory. Also I got a feeling that Moeka Kiryuu, the girl that Okabe helped in Akibahara, also experiences the somewhat memory loss that Okabe is also experiencing that’s why she’s been taking pictures of what she’s seen. AHHHHHH!!! Makise Kurisu sure is intriguing she gets killed last ep and here we saw her suddenly pop out in Okabe’s lab. I wonder how if the story revolves around her.

Oh my, I can’t wait for the next episode XD Ack…I’m not suppose to post a quick post yet before I write the first impressions…oh well..btw first impressions will be posted after ep 4 of each series have been aired alright?

until then…



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