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Fall Preview

Fall 2013 Anime Preview


Whoa we have 44 shows this season excluding kiddie shows and shows that promotes toys. In this preview I’ve included Movies that would be released this season. I’ve also embedded the PVs in this season preview so that you could watch it on the same page. Though there are some that I can’t embed so if you can’t see the PV just click on the link above/below the video.

I made this as thorough as I can so I hope it’ll be a good guide to your anime watching this fall.

Now on to the Fall Anime Preview 2013!

Data gathered are from: AniDB, ANN, MAL, Fansub Wiki, Moetron

Fall 2013 Anime Chart v2

*Chart courtesy of neregate  (v.2.0)


*Chart courtesy of zektr (v.4.0)

Fall 2011 Anime Preview

My sources are: AniDB, ANN, MAL, Fansub Wiki and Moetron

(Fall 2011 chart courtesy of Moetron)


Fall 2010 Anime Preview

Yes, I know this is really late since some fall shows are already airing but the previous week was really a hassle since it was our finals and now, I’m finally free hoorah!!! Honestly, I am not done watching the shows last season but I can say that it was decent though, shows like HOTD was a let down and my personal favorite would be Occult Academy. Just wait for my reviews on the summer shows if you want to read my impressions on those shows, I’ll post them when I finished watching them. There are a total of 24 new shows this season and pale in comparison with last season’s line up and number.

As usual I’ll list shows that have caught my attention and the pics that I’ll be posting came from AniDB. I’ll try to blog the first episodes of the shows I’m most interested in but I can’t guarrantee I can do a weekly recap on those but I can only guarantee that I”l review some of them. I don’t include kiddie shows or shows that promote toys (e.g. Bakugan, Yu-gi-Oh!). The information on this anime preview is based from: Chart fag’s charts, Fansub WIKI, AniDB, ANN, MAL.The summary are courtesy of Chart fag’s very helpful chart, AniDB and MAL.

Here’s Chart fag’s chart for reference:


Fall 2009 Anime Preview

Last season’s shows we’re quite good actually but at first glance I was disappointed. Lessons learned don’t judge a show by its PV or plot summary. My favourite would be Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Bakemonogatari, Aoi Hana and even Canaan. Now here’s the fall line up and honestly it seems that it lacks some kick unlike previous fall season that includes interesting titles but I won’t judge shows easily so I’ll try a couple of episodes. Oh btw, I apologize for the late preview I’m quite busy this past couple of days but thanks to the storm that hit out country there is a one week vacation so I have enough time to write this post.

As usual I’ll list shows that have caught my attention and the pics that I’ll be posting are from the PV of that anime but if the one on the PV sucks then I’ll stick with the promotional poster. I’ll try to blog the first episodes of the series listed below but I can’t guarantee that I’ll blog them. The summary are courtesy of Danizen’s very helpful chart and AniDB.

Queen’s Blade – Gyokuza wo Tsugu Mono
Animation Production:
Release Date (in Japan): Sept 24
Episodes: 12

A competition to decide the next Queen. The strongest warrior will rule the country and expand it. The contestants need to be older than 12. They need not be human, intelligent or even of that country. The rules for the tournament: murder is allowed. Any weapon can be chosen.

Oh ugh, this series is the continuation of a fighting series with a huge amount of fan service close to a hentai. I can’t take the fan service of the first season so no I’m not interested in watching this one but I have to admit that I’m impressed that this is being aired in AT-X again and uncensored.

Watch: Absolutely Not

Blog: Nope