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Winter 2013-2014 Anime Preview

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Better freaking late than never! Sorry for the late winter preview but I was so burned out with work so I didn’t really have enough time to release this on time (lol what?). Thanks to Sid my co-blogger at Anime Anthology, he supplied all the pictures and data on this winter preview while I provide the notable staff/cast and the additional PVs. Without him I won’t be able to release this. Now on to the preview!

Data gathered are from: AniDB, ANN, MAL, Moetron and AniChart

Winter 2013/2014 Anime Chart v4



Fall 2013 Anime Preview


Whoa we have 44 shows this season excluding kiddie shows and shows that promotes toys. In this preview I’ve included Movies that would be released this season. I’ve also embedded the PVs in this season preview so that you could watch it on the same page. Though there are some that I can’t embed so if you can’t see the PV just click on the link above/below the video.

I made this as thorough as I can so I hope it’ll be a good guide to your anime watching this fall.

Now on to the Fall Anime Preview 2013!

Data gathered are from: AniDB, ANN, MAL, Fansub Wiki, Moetron

Fall 2013 Anime Chart v2

*Chart courtesy of neregate  (v.2.0)


*Chart courtesy of zektr (v.4.0)