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New Footage of the 3rd Madoka Magica Movie revealed…

Just like the first footage of the 3rd Madoka Magica Movie, this one also had a debut at a Japanese morning show. Here’s the video and my reactions and screenies after the jump:


PMMM Rebellion - 03PMMM Rebellion - 13PMMM Rebellion - 14PMMM Rebellion - 15PMMM Rebellion - 16PMMM Rebellion - 30PMMM Rebellion - 31PMMM Rebellion - 32PMMM Rebellion - 33PMMM Rebellion - 34

DAMN…this Homu Mami fight scene looks so badass, I really like the way they battle it out while falling, so KAKOII. Seems like in this new movie Homura and Mami still don’t get along. Gosh this just made me all giddy…specially when it was revealed that there will be more magical girl vs magical girl fights…

PMMM Rebellion - 18PMMM Rebellion - 19PMMM Rebellion - 20PMMM Rebellion - 21PMMM Rebellion - 22PMMM Rebellion - 23

DEM ANGLES SHINBO!!! (Good job on Mami btw  wwwww *shots self*)
Btw this one seems like part of the OP sequence…


PMMM Rebellion - 02PMMM Rebellion - 25PMMM Rebellion - 24

It’s nice to see Kyouko joining Madoka’s harem I mean got a chance to experience a normal life (Is it really?). Oh and this shot really made me wonder that this might all be part of a dream or another timeline since Madoka’s there when she’s suppose to be god now…What are your speculations guys I’m really interested…

PMMM Rebellion - 26PMMM Rebellion - 29PMMM Rebellion - 27PMMM Rebellion - 09PMMM Rebellion - 28

KYYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG –My reaction when I’ve watched this (´ ▽`).。o♡
OH HELL YEAH YURI UNDERTONES IN THE MOVIE!! Seriously this is killing me.
My speculah on this scene…this is another dimension where Madoka and Homura talks about the fate of the world…Madoka abandoning the world to join Homura…


PMMM Rebellion - 06

Why do I get a feeling that Momoe Nagisa is Charlotte? Well everyone loved that witch so maybe…MAYBE SHAFT would treat us with her backstory… Another speculah is she’s the new uh..villain the not witch but the one they called ‘Nightmare’.

PMMM Rebellion - 17

See even Mami is holding Charlotte in this scene…so maybe my first speculah is right? Or not…

PMMM Rebellion - 07

Here’s ‘Nightmare’ one of the antagonist of the movie. In this shot on the footage it seems like Kyouko and Sayaka are battling her (that diamond like restraints are Kyouko’s if you remember…). I dunno is she Momoe Nagisa and what is it’s part on the story?? Oh gosh I can’t wait to find out!


PMMM Rebellion - 04PMMM Rebellion - 05

What the hell why does almost everyone is against Homura? In the first screenie that’s Sayaka’s sword piercing Homura’s shield…is it the reason that everything had gone haywire? Wait Sayaka is dead right? How come she’s battling Homura? Damn it so many questions. Oh and Sayaka still end up as a witch…Butch Gen is still bullying Sayaka (poor girl)…

PMMM Rebellion - 01

Nothing much to say here…Homura is just being so KAKOII…wwww

PMMM Rebellion - 10PMMM Rebellion - 11

Oh lol this is just hilarious! Aoi Yuuki and one of the host of the morning show doing the SHAFT signature head tilts. Btw Yuuki-chan is so damn adorable  (´∀`)♡


PMMM Rebellion - 12

Btw ‘Nightmare’  was animated using that doll which is being held by Yuuki-chan…


Seriously after watching this I’ve already turned into a grief seed and became a witch. I just can’t take the despair and the wait damn it…

PMMM Rebellion - 08

Oh may Mado-kami cleanse my soul gem and save me from my despair…

Damn it, I’ll probably download a cam rip of this movie even if it’ll give me eye cancer cause I just can’t wait for the Blu Ray anymore.

For now I’d like to read other people’s speculations to somehow ease my mind so take your time and fill the comments boxes below. I’ll gladly read your speculations…

until then…


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